My biog.

This section of the site is where you can read all about the genesis of the Haloissimus. It's taken old Prometheus longest to do this page, because he says it was the hardest bit - but anyway it's finally here.

Halo xxx.

So. Who the hell is this Halo chick, anyway ?  

Once upon a time, HaLo was very bored, stayed at home and watched a lot of TV, then one day she went to her friend Sue’s surprise birthday party, in a community centre in East London. Sue loved clubbing and her m8 was a DJ, so he came along to play some records. His name was Tony DeVit

Halo’s life would never be the same again…

...subsequently, every weekend was spent on the dance floor, primarily @ Turnmills for clubs such as TRADE, FF & MELT. HaLo was further inspired by the 2 incredible 12-hour sets Tony deVit played at TRADE

She was hooked. Her friends conspired, bought her decks, a mixer, and loads of records and taught her how to mix…she no longer cared what was happening in Eastenders.

After a few years of mixing it up at house parties and squat parties, Halo was invited to play as a guest of The Graveyard Cru, on the world leading Internet radio station interFACE. She was asked back and rapidly found she was playing alongside name DJs and the leaders of the underground scene. HaLo soon met the exacting standards of The GraveYardCru DJs and the interFACE listeners. HaLo became the first & only woman DJ to play with GYC on a permanent basis.

HaLo discovered that she shares her name with a male Drum & Bass DJ, so she is now also known as HaLo-iS. She hopes that this will help her to avoid angry mobs of hardstep fans chasing her out of clubs with machetes.

As her skills improved, she gained the respect of her peers and saw her show broadcast live all over the world to tens of thousands of people. HaLo-iS then went on to play weekly slots on Internet radio stations, playing Hard dance on interFACE and Dark Techno with the GYC. She also makes special guest appearances on UK Rumble, with a personal and relentless mission to convert the UK Garage massive, showing them NO MERCY.

HaLo regularly receives mail from American, Australian and European viewers and has what can only be described as a cult following.

As a member of GYC, she has been touring with them in Scandinavia and Europe, and webcasting from a wide variety of venues, including a genuine pirate ship somewhere off the British coast.

HaLo’s residencies include Hard On, Kaos, 1More, Ground Zero & The Coven, headlining @ the first Oxford Gay Pride event in May 2003. Sightings of HaLo-iS at Kaos, Campalari, Seed & Kweezee @ The Purple Turtle in Camden, Vinyl Zoo @ Club 414 in Brixton, the Dog House in Soho, Club Casa, Feather Fetish Couture, MENTHOL, Stunners, Lipstick Love and at many of the alternative parties in and around London. HaLo still maintains her strong underground roots and musical ideology whilst igniting the dance floor crowds at both underground and mainstream events.

She is currently working on a groundbreaking performance project, collaborating on several pieces with others, including Ray Butcher, Lucy Childs, Strip and Miss Cunty with Synthetic Pleasures @

HaLo had the privilege of playing a Tony De Vit tribute for a club full of TDV enthusiasts, including a very special guest, Tony’s Father Ray De Vit, who danced for the entire set.

HaLo & the fabulous Miss Cunty of Synthetic Pleasures were invited to Milan to make a short film for the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival & to teach the Italians how it’s done in London. They will be returning to Milan this summer in full effect.

HaLo-iS remains part of the GraveYardCru and webcasts her own live show from HaLo-LaNd every Monday night 22:00–01:00 BST on interFACE

HaLo-iS is resident at Hard On, London's best underground gay fetish club (Beware: not for the fainthearted!)

& the uniquely decadent underworld that is

What they say about her can be seen here…

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And from that day to this, the guy from the TV licencing has yet to catch her at home…